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It’s Not Fair!

There was a man who seemed to have everything. Then suddenly he lost it all. His wealth was taken from him, his children were killed in a freak accident and he was struck by a disfiguring skin disease.

The Cost of Living

In much of the world at the moment there is a cost of living crisis. Prices of things we consider essential are rising almost out of control.

The End of War

The horrors of the war in the Ukraine have reminded us of the depravity to which people can sink. We’ve witnessed great evil. But do you realise that the whole history of humankind is full of man’s inhumanity to man? And it stems from rebellion against God’s laws.

Power Grab

The wolf snarled down at the little lamb. It was about to pounce when, with trembling voice and amazing presence of mind, the lamb spoke: “Please, Mr Wolf, may I ask that before you end my life you carefully consider one or two things.”

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