Who we are.

Christadelphians are a body of Christians who try to base their beliefs and practices wholly on the Bible, which they regard as God’s word. They try therefore to avoid the various ideas and rituals which have attached themselves to Christianity over the last 2,000 years and to return to the beliefs and practices of the first century apostles.

Christadelphians are a community without the trappings of elaborate buildings, priests or icons, but with a deep respect for God’s word and a strong sense of family and fellowship.
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Bible principles Bible references
The Bible is the only true message from God and was inspired by him and written down by faithful people. 2 Timothy 3:16
2 Peter 1:21
There is only one God, the Father, who created the world and has an amazing purpose for it. 1 Timothy 2:5
Deuteronomy 6:4
The Holy Spirit is God’s power by which he carries out his purpose. Luke 1:35
Acts 10:38
Jesus is the Son of God. However he was born as a human being – the son of Mary his mother. Matthew 3:17
Galatians 4:4
Jesus overcame all temptation and then died a sacrificial death to save his followers from sin and death and reunite them with God. Hebrews 2:14
Romans 8:3
Jesus was raised from the dead by God. He ascended to heaven and will return to the earth again in the near future. Acts 1:3
Mark 16:19
When he returns, Jesus will raise the dead. He will give eternal life to those who have been faithful. John 5:28-29
Daniel 12:2
Jesus will be King over a renewed earth and he will reign over the whole earth from Jerusalem. Luke 1:32-33
Isaiah 9:6-7
His followers will help him to solve the problems of the world and to bring peace and righteousness to all mankind. Luke 22:29-30
Isaiah 32:17
The devil is not a supernatural being – it is simply another name for our sinful human nature which is in opposition to God. James 1:14-15
Hebrews 2:14
When a person dies they have no consciousness. They sleep in death to be awakened by Jesus when he returns. Psalm 146:4
Ecclesiastes 9:5‑6
To be saved, we need to believe in God’s promises in Jesus Christ, and to repent (change our attitude of mind). John 3:16
Hebrews 11:6
We are saved not by anything we do, but by God’s grace made available to us because of Jesus’ sacrifice. However we do need to respond to God’s grace by being baptised into Christ by full immersion in water. We also need to follow as far as we are able the example of Jesus in our own lives. Acts 2:38
Mark 16:16
Mark 12:29-31
John 13:34