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The Environmental Crisis

THE PLANET IS IN PERIL, and something needs to be done about it.

It is generally agreed that the temperature of the earth’s surface is rising, along with the temperature of the oceans.

Climate Change

WE HEAR SO MANY promises of changes yet to be, but the evidence of climate change is here for all to see.

The greed of mankind caused this, and our planet groans in pain; can governments be trusted to restore the earth again?

Saul on the Damascus Road

This must be one the most amazing and moving stories in the Bible—except for the life of the Lord Jesus. It is a story of power, zeal, religious passion and hatred, and it ends with humility, grace and love. You may be more familiar with Saul by his later name—the Apostle Paul.

Who Will Be In the Kingdom of God?

THE GOSPEL is about the Kingdom of God. That is what Jesus and the apostles preached (Mark 1:14–15; Acts 28:30–31). It is what disciples died for. We know the names of some people who will be in the Kingdom. For example, Jesus named ‘Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets’ (Luke 13:28).


PAUL SENT THIS LETTER from Corinth during his third missionary journey. He hoped to come to Rome (15:22–29), but when he eventually came it was as a prisoner to await trial before the Emperor Nero (see Acts 28:17–20).

Bread From Heaven

AN EMINENT PSYCHOLOGIST has promoted the idea that people have a hierarchy of needs. By this he means that some human needs are basic to existence, and take precedence over everything else.

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Jesus says a lot about hell fire and brimstone as the punishment for the wicked. Why don’t Christadelphians believe in it?