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Vengeance Is Mine

IT WAS DUSK, so I stopped at the side of the road to fit my bike lights. Suddenly another cyclist came hurtling around a blind corner, swerved to avoid colliding with me, spat something abusive about my stopping in a stupid place, and pedalled off along a footpath under a sign that said ‘No cycling’.


HABAKKUK WAS a prophet of God at the time the Babylonians were attacking Judah, around 610 bc. The prophet was perplexed: why did God appear to let wicked nations like Babylon prosper—and even be allowed to punish God’s people (1:3)?

The Purpose of Life

SOONER OR LATER each of us must ask ourselves—does life have a purpose?

The Governor’s Memoir

Pontius Pilate was the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus Christ to death. This is an imaginary memoir, but it is based on the facts as we know them from the Bible and archaeology

Born Free

Not everyone has freedom. Those who enjoy it should value it.

Does Prayer Work?

THERE WAS A LARGE GROUP of them gathered together in a house, but this was no party. None of them smiled; some looked frightened and it was clear that they hadn’t slept for some time. 

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“Will God forgive all sins we commit in the future, including sins we do not confess and sins we do not realise we have committed? And what about sins we deliberately commit?”