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THE 19TH CENTURY was a time of advancing knowledge and a thirst for learning. In 1857 the market town of Llanelli in South Wales opened the ‘Athenaeum’. The name refers to the ancient temple of Athena in Athens where Greek scholars would meet to discuss and learn. 

Simple Rituals

IN THE GARDEN of Eden, Eve plucked and ate a piece of fruit (Genesis 3:6). It was a small and simple act, but it brought untold disaster. It was not simply the act of picking fruit—it was a premeditated act of rebellion against God, and it brought upon humanity the curse under which we have lived ever since.


AFTER JESUS, Mary had other sons, including James—the writer of this letter. After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus appeared to his followers, who by then included his own brothers (Acts 1:14). James later became the “shepherd” of the flock of believers in the Jerusalem area (Acts 15:13).

God Who Saves

A VIDEO CLIP went viral on social media, apparently showing disillusioned Hindus throwing their gods away. It was claimed that this was because they had been praying to the gods to save them from COVID 19, and it had not worked. This claim has since been refuted, but the story raises interesting issues.

Mary the Mother of Jesus

IN THE FIRST Century ad the Roman empire was peaceful and prosperous under the iron fist of the Legions. But that prosperity was paid for by heavy taxes on its subject nations.

The Spiritual Body

DO NOT BE PUT OFF by this subject. You may think it unpractical or speculative. It is neither. It concerns the future that God has offered to you and me. It’s a subject on which the Bible speaks plainly.

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