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Made in God’s Image

ANIMALS are amazing. An eagle’s eyesight is so sharp that it can spot a rabbit two miles away – and it can keep the rabbit in focus as it dives out of the sky at 200 miles per hour. A sniffer dog has been known to detect a packet of drugs sealed inside a bottle submerged in a can of kerosene. Migrating birds can travel from one side of the world to the other with incredible accuracy, using a variety of navigational aids including the sun, the stars and the earth’s magnetic field.

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A New Heaven and a New Earth

GOD’S CREATION is incredible. Whether it be gazing in awe at the sheer scale and intricacy of outer space or smiling in admiration at the diversity and complexity of the creatures which inhabit our planet, we cannot help but be impressed by the Creator’s handiwork.

I am the Resurrection and the Life

The Gospel of John records a number of sayings of Jesus which begin “I am …” In this series we think about some of the profound things he said about himself.

No Hero

THE BIBLE contains inspiring accounts of men and women of faith who achieved great things in their service to God. John Mark was not one of them—in the great drama that unfolds in the Bible’s pages, he plays a bit-part, and he was no hero. But as is usually the case, we can learn a lot from the little we’re told about him.

Peter’s Progress

IN THE FIRST part of Acts the narrative tends to follow the actions of the Apostle Peter. Peter had been one of the main disciples of Jesus, alongside James and John. After Jesus’ resurrection Peter was among the first to meet him alive, and he became an important figure in the early community of believers.

Song of Soloman

THE THEME of the book is the quality of Divine love. It is illustrated in God’s love for His people Israel, whom He describes elsewhere as His ‘bride’ (see for example Isaiah 54:5–6). And it looks ahead to the love of Christ for his bride—the community of believers—which is to be fully realised when he returns to earth.