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Eternal Reality

SOMEONE WAS WALKING along the street when they saw black smoke billowing from a house window. Instinctively they whipped out their phone. They took a photo, and uploaded it to their social media platform as they walked on.

The Bible and the Internet

THE BIBLE CLAIMS to be God’s Word—His message to us. In its first chapter (Genesis 1) it says ten times: “and God said”.

The Choice

MOSES STARED AGHAST at the bright blood seeping into the sand. He had killed a man. For a moment he stood still, paralysed by the enormity of his deed, and then, panicking, fell to his knees and began to scrabble a shallow grave. Soon the Egyptian taskmaster’s body was covered from sight, and only the footmarks showed where they had fought in the hot sun.


THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW is the first book in the New Testament. The four Gospels are separate accounts of the life of Jesus. Matthew puts particular emphasis on Jesus being Israel’s promised Messiah and coming King.

For those who have Lost their Sheen

LOTS OF US are kind of broken. We’ve been through things in our lives we’d rather forget. If I was a car, I’d be the one with the scratched and dented bodywork and some trouble starting up.

The Maidservant of the Lord

ABIGAIL stands out in the Bible as an example of wisdom, humility and courage. There are many practical lessons we can learn from her story, and she also provides an inspiring parable of the relationship between the Lord Jesus and his followers.

Your E-mails

“I want to be able to find stuff in the Bible. Sometimes there’s a quote and I’m not sure it’s from the Bible and I want to check. Sometimes I just want to look what it says about things. Is there an index?”