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Message to the Modern World

THE FRONT COVER shows a ruined temple, which many people believe to be the most perfect building in the world. It’s the Parthenon in Athens. It’s not very big and it looks quite simple. But one of the secrets of its extraordinary beauty is the highly sophisticated system of ‘optical correction’ which is built into its every part.

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ARE YOU a list person? Do you organise yourself with the help of a list? Many of us are, and because we like to plan, we may think about the day ahead and then write a list of jobs to be done, places to visit, people to contact, and so on. If I didn’t have a list I might waste half the day wandering around, wondering what to do and when to do it. It’s just the way some of us are programmed.


JOB (pronounced ‘Jobe’) is thought to have lived around the time of the book of Genesis. The theme of the book is the age-old ‘problem of suffering’. God allowed intense suffering to afflict Job—a ‘good’ man who was well respected by all. But Job’s friends,Eliphaz, Bildad and Zopharwrongly assumed that his sufferings were punishments for hidden sins. “Miserable comforters are you all” (16:2) is Job’s assessment of his friends!

Introduction to the Acts

This is the first in a series in which we examine this fascinating Bible book. Each article in the series will be printed over the centre pages—you might like to pull them out and keep them together.

Why did Jesus have to Die?

IF JESUS is the son of God, why did God let him be killed? In fact, why is the death of Jesus central to the Bible’s message? This is a hugely important question, and throughout the Bible there are statements which provide answers to it.


WHENEVER I look at the shelves of bestsellers I always wonder what the secret ingredient is—what makes these books fly off the shelves? I have to admit, Ive given this rather a lot of thought over the years, and I think there is an answer. Whether you agree with me or not, it doesnt matter, just tuck this one away in the back of your mind, and if you are someone who likes to read a novel test it out and see if your book has this magic ingredient.