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The Danger of Cults

THE NEW RELIGION of Christianity was regarded with suspicion by the Roman authorities. Christians didn’t believe in the Roman gods, they worshipped another God. They behaved differently and had different moral values.

Be Strong and of Good Courage

SINCE THE COVID-19 pandemic began people have become more fearful of mental illness caused by loneliness and anxiety about the future.

Increasingly we hear people speaking about ‘mindfulness’, ‘mental wellbeing’, building ‘self confidence’ and ‘self esteem’.

Treasure in Heaven

SEEKING TREASURE has been a preoccupation of people from time immemorial. Many have spent their whole lives on the quest. Some have been rewarded with great finds of gold, silver and jewels.

It’s a Wonderful Life

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE MOVIE. It was made in the 1940s and has been popular ever since. It’s about a man who is to lose everything he has, and has decided to end it all and take his own life. But then along comes Clarence, who has been sent to point out to him just how worthwhile is his life.

What Happens After Death?

WE ARE living, breathing creatures. In the course of time we will die. Will there be any part of you or me that survives after we die? Or is death a complete end of consciousness—do we simply cease to be?

The Politics of Jesus Christ

JESUS CHRIST LIVED in Israel during the time of the Roman Empire. The supreme council in Israel was the Sanhedrin, and it contained two main political parties which were in opposition to each other—the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Another significant political force in Israel was the Zealots, who advocated rebellion against Rome.

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