Climate Change

WE HEAR SO MANY promises of changes yet to be, but the evidence of climate change is here for all to see.

The greed of mankind caused this, and our planet groans in pain; can governments be trusted to restore the earth again?

Can we trust mere mortals to restore what nature badly needs? I think we have to turn to God, if only we will read.

It’s all there in His written word, but so few want to know. They think that they can solve the mess, but time will surely show.

It must cause grief to God to see the wickedness of man. He sent His Son to save us, and look at what we’ve done!

The kingdoms of the earth, we’re told, by God alone are ruled.1 Things will get worse until at last by God, the earth is cooled.

You may well ask how this will be, well God will send His Son, the faithful now are waiting for this promised time to come.

There will be scoffers, this we know, it’s there in Peter’s letter,2 so few now still believe God and it won’t get any better.

We read so many times about the coming of the end. Things won’t go on for ever, a solution God will send.

The Bible tells us plainly that Christ will come again,3 so let’s have faith in what is said. We all must take some blame,

For causing what has happened and for going our own way. The Bible tells us many things which one day we’ll obey,4

When Christ returns in glory to rule the earth in peace, a very different earth we’ll see, all wickedness will cease.

Jesus said there will be wars and pestilence and pain,5 men’s hearts fearful at that time—but who are they to blame?

Those days must be shortened,6 or no one would be saved; then the righteous will reign with Christ and many will be raised.7

So let us heed what’s written. Without God we will fail, and only when the Lord returns will righteousness prevail.

Let’s pray each day “Your kingdom come”.8 Then suffering will end, all tears will then be wiped away with Jesus as our friend.

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Mollie May Wilkinson

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