The Psalms

THE PSALMS are songs of praise, prayer and prophecy, written by David, Hezekiah and others.

The Psalms and Music

The Psalms were originally sung, and accompanied by musical instruments (a number of Psalms have the names of the original tunes and other instructions in their ‘titles’). The Psalms were intended for personal use as well as for congregational worship.

Particular Psalms may be prayers or meditations, or both; some recount highlights from the history of Israel or the personal experiences of the Psalmist.

Christ in the Psalms

The work of Jesus Christ was foretold in the Psalms, as it was in all parts of the Old Testament (see Luke 24:44). Jesus knew the Psalms: they provide an insight into his mind and thoughts.

Some Psalms are obviously about him:

  • His Sufferings—

Psalms 22; 40; 69; 118.

  • His Resurrection—

Psalms 16; 91.

  • His Future Rule—

Psalms 2; 24; 45; 72; 110; 122.

Personal Treasure

Over the centuries faithful people have derived great personal strength and comfort from the Psalms. There are chapters suited to almost every situation in life—times of sorrow, danger or joy.

Norman Owen

By kind permission of ‘The Christadelphian

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