His Second Coming

ALL THE BIBLE TELLS US has turned out to be true,

It’s there to help us, you and me, and tells us what to do.

Is your Bible tucked away, or hidden on a shelf?

Get it out and read it! You can find out for yourself.1

Do you worry when you see such terror everywhere? Let us see what Jesus says, it all is written there.

He told us what to watch for as we wait for his return,

And for his Kingdom’s coming surely all of us should yearn.

There’ll be distress of nations, both near at hand and far,

Reports of storms and earthquakes, droughts, disease and war.2

Everything would be destroyed, but God’s a God of love,

For the elect He will look down, send Jesus from above.3

Jesus said that our days would be as the days of Noah.

People have turned their back on God, just as they did before.4

So let us read it carefully, believing in our heart

That in his Kingdom, here on earth, we each can play our part.

On Olives Mount his feet will stand, so the scriptures say,5

And if we truly love him we’ll be waiting for that day.

Is he in our lives right now, in all we think and do?6

He reaches out to all mankind, He’s calling out to you.

So let us read and truly learn to see what is required,7

And when we read then may we each one of us be inspired.8

Will we be ready, you and I, to meet him face to face,

And in that Kingdom will there be for you and me a place?9

Mollie May-Wilkinson

12 Timothy 3:16; 2Matthew 24:6–8; 3Matthew 24:22; 4Luke 17:26; 5Zechariah 14:4;6Colossians 2:6; 7John 15:14; 8Matthew 7:12; 9Matthew 25:1–46

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