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‘SIMON,’ said the resurrected Jesus on a Galilean beach, ‘do you love me?’ (John 21:15). It was a painful moment for Simon Peter, as he looked his master in the eye and was forced to face up to his failure and betrayal on the night before Jesus’ crucifixion.

Rejoice in the Lord

REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS; again I will say, Rejoice (Philippians 4:4). Fine words, you might say. They sound like the words of someone who doesn’t have much to worry about. But those are not empty words.

Lessons From Eden

GENESIS CHAPTER 3 tells how Adam and Eve brought a curse upon humankind when they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, after...

Free Speech

The tragic attack on Salmon Rushdie has provoked outcries about the importance of free speech.
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