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Your E-mails: October 2022

Faith is about ‘things not seen’ (Hebrews 11:1). But we like things we can see and touch. Also there’s money to be made out of religious merchandise. And so popular Christianity has always abounded with holy sites and relics.

Cursing God’s People

THE PEOPLE of Israel were nearly at the end of their journey. After forty years as nomads, they had swung north-east at last, up...

2 Thessalonians

THIS LETTER corrected the idea that Christ was going to return immediately. He would come, but first there would be a ‘rebellion’ (or apostasy) from the true teachings of Christ and his apostles (2:3).


A WHISTLE-BLOWER is someone who blows a whistle to warn people of a problem. Referees in sport blow whistles to flag a rule being broken; police used to blow whistles to alert people to crimes.


THIS IS ONE OF THOSE small words which have a big meaning. It speaks of time passing with an end in view. We don’t necessarily know when that end will be.

An Open Heart

THE GREEK CITY Philippi became the home of the first Christian congregation in Europe when the Apostle Paul and his companions visited on his second missionary journey. The account is in Acts 16:11–40.

Rejoice in the Lord

REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS; again I will say, Rejoice (Philippians 4:4). Fine words, you might say. They sound like the words of someone who doesn’t have much to worry about. But those are not empty words.

Your E-Mails: September 2022

The article Will you go to heaven? (issue 1655) said ‘The Bible says nothing about us going to heaven’. What about Jesus’ words in...

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