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Magazine subscriptions (100 + copies each month for a year)

Why not use an Outdoor Perspex Holder?

*See ‘description’ below for details.



For all magazine subscriptions above 100, please contact the ordering teams:

*We do not stock Outdoor Perspex Magazine Holders but you can buy them directly from the following websites. Both of these have been used by ecclesias in the UK:

www.UKPOS.com – Search for Product Number: SDD6 (Cost at time of posting this information was: £14.00+VAT – other postage charges may apply)

www.directshopfittings.co.uk – Search for Product: LD4441 (Cost at time of posting was: £12.55 Inc. VAT – other postage charges may apply)

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Magazine orders within the following areas:

1. UK: Fiona Oram

170, Gilbertstone Avenue, Birmingham, B26 1HX

2. Australia: Jon Fry

19 Macey Street, Croydon South, Victoria, Australia, 3136

3. Canada: Vivian Thorpe:

5377 Birdcage Walk, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 3K5

4. New Zealand: Neil Todd:

14 Morpeth Place, Blockhouse Bay, Aukland 7, New Zealand

5. USA: Pat Hemingray:

1244 Pennsylvania Avenue, Oakmont, PA 15139, USA

Other Countries: Andrew Johnson:

22 Hazel Drive, Hollywood, Birmingham, B47 5RJ