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Who is Jesus Christ?

TWO THOUSAND years ago, the Roman Empire was at its height. In a small hill village in the minor province of Galilee lived a carpenter. When he was around 30 years old he set out on a preaching mission which took him around Galilee and the neighbouring provinces.

The Messiah

JESUS OF NAZARETH incensed the Jewish leaders of his day by claiming that he was the Son of God. His amazing miracles failed to convince them (John 5:36, 12:37), and this claim was a major factor in his illegal conviction (Mark 14:61–64).

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

MOST CHRISTIAN CHURCHES teach the idea that God is a Trinity: that is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three co-equal and co-eternal persons in one godhead. This idea is absent from the Bible.

The Blessings of God’s Grace

SAUL OF TARSUS was a man of destiny. He was persecuting Christians, hunting them down from house to house and from their hiding places (Acts 9:1–2). He was determined to stamp out these dangerous people who believed that Jesus of Nazareth, the troublesome preacher who had recently been put to death, was the Messiah and was alive.


THE WRITER OF THIS LETTER was Jude (sometimes called Judas), who was a step-brother of Jesus. During the ministry of Jesus in Galilee, his brothers did not believe in him (see John 7:5). After his resurrection, however, they became faithful followers.


SACRIFICE IS NOT a pleasant topic. It might remind you of giving what you are reluctant to give. It has overtones of slaughter, blood and burning. In some heathen cultures it involved humans— children and adults—to placate angry gods who withheld harvests, or brought violent storms if offended, or who were thought to gorge themselves on the victims and drink their fresh blood.

Four Resurrections- A Widow’s Son

A look at the four accounts in the Gospels of people who were raised from the dead.

ONE DAY Jesus and a large crowd of followers went to a town called Nain. Today there is a small village with a very similar name a few miles south of Nazareth, the place where Jesus grew up. This is the only time in the Gospels where this place Nain is mentioned.

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If Jesus did not sin, he must have been divine. He can’t have been human like us?

Ed: THE BIBLE SHOWS US what is righteousness, and what is sin (for example Romans 7:7).